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Obsessed Bible Study

Making Christ the desire of your heart.

Obsessed: Making Christ the Desire of Your Heart is a 6 session Bible study written for teenage girls to adult women. Author Hayley DiMarco challenges readers to confront their obsessions through Scripture and allow Jesus Christ to redeem the desires of their hearts. Because with the right desire, obsession can be a good thing. We were made to be obsessed — with God and His call on our lives. Yet, so often, we give our hearts to lesser gods — guys, appearance, popularity, grades, goals, sports, and even friends — rather than Jesus. Great for a short-term discipleship study or girls retreat.


  • The Anatomy of Obsession (what obsession is and why you were made to be obsessed with God)
  • The Life of the Obsessed (examining your own life and identifying the symptoms of wrong obsession in your life)
  • Obsessed with Loss (battling the obsessions of fear, worry, doubt, and control)
  • Obsessed with Gain (battling obsession with stuff, love, success, and self)
  • Obsessed with Relief (battling an obsession with being released from suffering)
  • Obsessed with God (finding your true purpose in life: being completely controlled by Christ)


  • 120 page 6″x9″ Member Book
  • 6 weeks of Bible study
  • Individual, self-paced study
  • Leader Guide in back of book
  • Written specifically for teen girls
  • Meaningful small group interaction
  • In-depth individual Bible study

Buy the bible study here.

Looking for the Obsessed book instead of the bible study? It’s over here.

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